Jumat, 08 Maret 2013

dekzCoding, My New Blog site

hello guys, long time I not posting anything, I just created a new blogsite for my programming experience, and I'll surely active on that blog, check it at: http://dekzcoding.wordpress.com/

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Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

Microsoft confirms the Windows RT update bug

A Microsoft spokesperson provided TNW with a statement regarding the reported update bug on the Surface RT device. It was unclear until today if the issue related to Windows RT itself, or the Surface tablet specifically.

As it turns out, the bug appears to be Windows-RT specific. However, given the leading market share of the Surface RT device over other Windows RT machines, the situation was murky.
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Opera Mini Web Browser updated to v7.10(32444) for All Symbian Devices

The Opera Mini browser is a turbo-charged web browser for mobile devices. The Opera Mini browser uses Opera’s servers to compress Web pages so they load faster. You also save money on data charges since Opera Mini uses a fraction of the data of other browsers.

Opera Mini has a new interface that gives your device a sleek, modern appearance. You can also share web content from Opera Mini on social networks.

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Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

MrAlshahawy Belle Extra Buttons updated to v1.7.5 Signed for all Nokia Belle

B.E.B adds 10 extra buttons on the Toolbar & Status Pane of:
-Homescreen & Menu grid
-Drop Down Menu: To reach Extra Buttons everywhere

B.E.B preloaded with:
-Music Control Buttons
-Search all contents[As Belle FP2]
-Screen Orientation: Fixed Portrait or landscape/Auto-rotation
-Restart Phone
-Brightness Switcher
-Accurate Battery Level [% - mAh]
-Power Saving Switcher
-Task Switcher
-Lock Screen
-Add up to 13 Apps & preloaded features to each Extra Button
-Fully styled UI
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Missed Calls Eliminator v1.00 Signed for All Nokia Belle

One tap to clear / reset missed calls notification.
You can use it as a standalone application or within Belle Extra Buttons application.
When you add the application into the Expandable window of Belle Extra Buttons it will follow its icon's style.
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Gravity - Social Client updated to v2.82 Build 7275 for All Symbian Devices

Gravity is a fully-featured Twitter and Social Networking Client with a gorgeous looking and highly praised user interface. It supports multiple Twitter accounts, image uploading to MobyPicture, TwitPic, Flickr, real-time push notifications, Twitter Trends, Lists and Saved Searches, Audio Alerts, Cross-Posting and many, many more. It also integrates with Foursquare and Facebook and has a fully fledged Google Reader included.

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